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Internet Access

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T1 starting at $299 per month

Whether you’re a Small Business or a Large Enterprise, users that demand maximum and reliable Internet connections need T1Business service.  We have four symmetrical speed options, flexible IP addressing, a local support team and 99% uptime guarantee with all T1 service. Do you have multiple sites?  Does your business depend on corporate intranets/extranets, Email Servers,  e-commerce, online data storage, CRM applications, or other demanding applications? Then also can offer you dedicated hosting in our data center.

·         Available in symmetrical upload/download speeds at 1.5 Mbps

·         Local service experts available live 24x7x365.

·         Priority routing on , with 99% monthly uptime service level agreement and credits for missed targets.

·         IP address flexibility

·         Firewall Service Available

·         Spam Filtering Service available

T1 pricing is determined by distance from the end point to end point.  Call today for custom pricing.



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