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Internet Access

Dial-Up Service | Print |

For only $16.95 per month you get... 

  • Unlimited Internet access

  • Reliable connections

  • 1 GB of email storage

  • Spam and Email Virus Protection

  • NO banner ads

  • Compatible with popular Instant Messenger (IM) programs

  • Local Tech Support


Dial up service is only available in the 210/830.  You may be charged for long distance calls from your telephone provider outside that area.



Contact Us

If you are experiencing a problem with our services, contact our responsive support team at (210) 477-1375 or (830) 515-1111

Office Hours : 8am to 6pm | Monday to Friday

Mission Statement

Everyday, our team strives to provide our customers with a unique experience that exceeds their expectations.

Quoted : Gary Meszaros, Owner