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Transform your phones into a cost-cutting, worry-reducing, sales-driving machine.

URDirect’s Hosted PBX provides an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system. Delivered from the cloud, it keeps pace with your growth—and propels your business higher.


Rich, enterprise-grade

calling features.


A powerful web-based

control panel.


Simple management

and scaling.


A growing company needs a phone system that improves the odds of converting every call into a sale. Hosted PBX delivers calling features that put you on par with Fortune 500 companies.


  • Communicate with enterprise-grade levels of professionalism and efficiency
  • Support customer-focused processes with advanced features like Find Me/Follow Me, automated attendants and hunt groups
  • Keep your existing phone numbers when you migrate to Hosted PBX


  • Simplify IT administration with a powerful and intuitive online control panel
  • Configure your phone system to match your business processes


  • Preserve your capital, instead of investing in rapidly-depreciating on-premise phone system
  • Slash operating expenses by eliminating maintenance, upgrades, software licenses and telco charges
  • Use smartphones to call over the company network without using personal minutes
  • Save with unlimited calling to the US and Canada


Hosted PBX calling features

Hosted PBX is delivered from the cloud. This means that there’s no software to buy, no wiring to install, and no capital to invest beyond the cost of the phones themselves. Your startup costs are dramatically lower than acquiring an on-premise phone system.

Rich calling features let you perform like a big business

  • Automated attendant (multi-level) answers and routes every call.
  • Hunt groups ring multiple people at once to ensure no call goes unanswered.
  • Click-to-call connects your phones with Outlook and Lync to replace dialing with clicking.
  • Call recording lets you record and replay calls on demand
  • Integration with URDirect’s Office in the Cloud suite lets you sync email, voice and chat to unlock tools that boost productivity even further
  • For a full list of Hosted PBX features, see page 4

Mobility lets you do your job from any location

  • Find Me/Follow Me automatically forwards calls to your mobile and other numbers when you’re away from your desk
  • Respond faster with voicemail-to-email
  • Enable your smartphone, tablet or laptop to make and receive calls using your company phone number
  • Stop using expensive personal minutes for company calls

Conference calling simplifies collaboration and reduces business travel

  • Connect up to 20 people on the same line with a conferencing dial-in number
  • No reservations required
  • Choose between unlimited and pay-per-use billing
  • Every user gets 1 conference dial-in (unique passcode) and 500 free minutes during the first month of service


Why small and medium-sized businesses choose Hosted PBX.

Save money by preserving capital and cutting operational costs

  • Monthly flat per-user rates
  • Includes unlimited calling anywhere in the US & Canada
  • No hardware to buy beyond the phones themselves
  • No charges for software licenses, system maintenance, features, upgrades, support or migration
  • Cut mobile costs by making business calls without using personal minutes
  • Offload the costs of security and business continuity
  • Cut the burden of managing multiple vendors by integrating voice, email, chat and more with URDirect’s Office in the Cloud

Simplify management and scaling while retaining granular control
URDirect’s Control Panel offers broad ease-of-use over system administration. This lets you:

  • Simplify moving, adding and changing users
  • Manage all settings, including your auto attendant greeting, hunt group setup and more
  • Add and remove features for individual users or groups of users
  • Provision new phone numbers and services with a click
  • Manage multiple offices and remote users from anywhere
  • Enable users to administer their own phones with a personalized online tool
  • Consolidate voice, email, chat and other onboarding and user management tasks when you integrate Hosted PBX as part of URDirect’s Office in the Cloud 

Ensure peace-of-mind with the highest levels of reliability

  • Hosted PBX leverages top-tier datacenters
  • High-availability hardware and network components ensure service availability
  • VoIP traffic is delivered through redundant tier-1 providers

Stay worry-free with superior onboarding and support

  • We port over your current phone numbers and set up users, ensuring a smooth transition
  • Describe onboarding benefits
  • Describe support benefits

Each user gets:

  • 1 direct dial phone number and 1 extension
  • 1 conference dial-in (unique passcode)
  • 500 free minutes of conference calling during the first month of service
  • Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail, voicemail-to-email, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call transfer, and call recording
  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada

Each account includes:

  • 1 automated attendant (multi-level)
  • 10 hunt groups
  • 100 free minutes of inbound calls to your toll-free number every month
  • On-hold music
  • Online administration
  • Onboarding and migration, including number porting, user setup, phone setup, and more
  • Vigilant support

Add-ons include:

  • Pay-per-use conference dial-in number
  • Local dial-in
  • Toll-free dial-in
  • Unlimited use conference dial-in number
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Additional phone number
  • Additional hunt group
  • Automated attendant (multi-level)
  • Click-to-Call via Lync
  • Choose from a broad selection of desk and conference phones from Cisco and Polycom



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